Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Make sure only the right people enter the premises, have all the benefits of complete control without the hassle of lost keys and lost access records. Issue a code or a key fob or a access card to your employs based on their clearance level & control their access rights.

Access can be granted based on time setting, clearance level & area based. If a card is lost simply block the card or delete the code & create a new one in minutes. You can generate reports to monitor who has accessed specific areas & when. Create temporary access to workers for the server room & records room by having time boundaries. These temporary access can be used only once based on the time duration specified by you. Also, you can monitor & record the access of visitors without using the traditional register books.
Now, you have complete control of your building with regular reports of visitors & employs. Your buildings security is maintained without the hassle of lost keys & stacks of paper reports.

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