CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

Businesses today need infrastructure that’s driven majorly by technology and generally constitutes expensive servers, workstations and hardware to keep pace with the competition. It is imperative to ensure foolproof arrangement for the safety of equipment as theft will not only impact performance, but will also put the company at a significant financial loss. CCTV surveillance solutions allow businesses to monitor their site round the clock and ensure that the safety of their costly equipment is not compromised.

Are you looking to install a new security camera system to protect your business or commercial property? Would you like to see your entire property at a glance from your smartphone and even stop crime before it happens?

Welcome to the world of video surveillance and security camera solutions.

Security camera CCTV systems come in a variety of different image resolutions, integration capabilities and use cases. Some business security cameras are used indoors while others are used outdoors, some pan, tilt and zoom for broader coverage while others are built to read license plates coming into a parking lot. All businesses need a security camera system.

Why? Because having video evidence of any crime happening on your property can not only help catch the perpetrator but it can also show where the building’s security system is vulnerable and you can make the necessary changes so that it doesn’t happen again.

CCTV systems are complex. A functioning CCTV system, offering full property coverage around the clock, requires a network of compatible commercial security cameras, ample storage, proper cabling and even power. Thankfully, surveillance doesn’t have to be difficult. Home Automation covers for you all the details regarding security of the system and installation of the system.

CCTV System Integration

CCTV security recording systems are commonly integrated with new and existing security, including access control and alarm systems. When paired with remote door release technology, security cameras let you see who is at the door before deciding whether to let them in, which can be done with the press of a button. With intercom and camera technology, security staff can easily talk down to intruders, visitors, or employees, enabling convenient facility-wide communication.

CCTV systems with integrated alarms allow security staff to effectively view and respond to intrusions, clearly recording all security events to keep business owners and staff in the know. Integrating your CCTV camera system gives you comprehensive security, protecting your facility, merchandise, and data from all angles. Using a VMS (Video Management Software) for CCTV systems is a good way to this, or convenient platforms such as are available for streamlining your building security.

With the wide variety of CCTV cameras on the market, and new advances in technology being made all the time, there is a lot to learn about CCTV security cameras. For more information, or to get a free quote, contact Safe and Sound today.

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