We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Car Parking Management System. We are an industry leader providing Car Parking Management System based in New delhi.

We are one of the leading retailers and suppliers of Car Parking Management System. These are presented in automatic car parking systems , as per the requirements of our clients. We provide rotary tables, two tier parking systems, automatic multi level parking system and puzzle parking system to our esteemed clients.

Automatic Gate

You might be concerned sometimes over the time you are spending outside the gates and waiting for someone to come and open the gates. This can be frustrating for people who are in a rush and in addition it can be a security concern at times too. At this moment you wished you could press a button and HomeAutomtionpk Technologies with you, this option is no more a wish. We bring you the ultimate solution for Automatic Gate with security lock system integration.


Bring the magical button to your home which is an ultimate symbol of advancement and security protocol for your property. Your automatic gates would be enriched with the same level of security as that comes with an immobilizer key of a car. This means only one specific remote would allow your gates to be opened or closed.

One step ahead towards smart home

Automation is the only difference between a home and a smart home. What makes your choice smart? HomeAutomation Technologies, that brings you automation solutions at your doorstep. Now just press the button and step aside and watch in action your gates open automatically which once you saw in the movies a long time ago. Automatic gates were a thing of fantasy in the past.

Powerful hydraulic Pistons

No more need to push the heavy gates manually. The heavy-duty hydraulic pistons perform their duty magnificently and open and close the gates effortlessly. A guaranteed that you and your neighbors would be amazed once they see the hydraulic automatic gates in action. A style icon to your home that brings security and effortlessness in a bundle