Retro Fitted Solutions

Retro Fitted Solutions

The generator circuit-breaker synchronizes generator to the grid & protect both the generator & its step-up transformer is case of an electrical fault. Operation & maintenance teams rely on this paramount equipment to deliver power to the grid and protect your generator and power transformers.

The highest level of GCB´s reliability and durability is essential to improve power plant protection and safe synchronization in all conditions, any time. When a generator circuit-breaker reaches the end of its service life, it must be replaced or retrofitted to avoid unscheduled downtimes, high maintenance costs, and any safety risks. Siemens offers state-of-the-art retrofit solutions which are maintenance-free, operated with proven spring-drive mechanism and are designed following the latest standards. Generator circuit-breakers with vacuum switching technology support our customers to achieve their sustainability targets as they are environmentally-friendly and contain no toxic decomposition gases.

In addition, Siemens proven vacuum switching technology makes the difference due to the simplification of operational processes: no gas monitoring and no maintenance efforts.

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