Using Access Control System

Using Access Control System

Advanced, software-driven access control systems go beyond the conventional security tools that businesses use to provide access to authorized persons. Access control systems can deliver highly detailed audit trail reporting which can come extremely handy in knowing the presence of individuals at specific times within the business premises. Access control system can be customized to protect employees, valuable data, equipment and property from unauthorized individuals.

Effective Systems Integration

Access control system can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems for providing one centralized solution for workforce management. It can be used for leveraging existing employee demographic data. Manual entry steps can be reduced and with it the chance for clerical errors.

Provides Access from Any Computer

The system can be accessed from any network on the computer as all parameters of the access control system are securely housed in a database that is centrally managed. The need to install specially designed software is obliterated as the system can be tuned to provide access from the computer’s browser. 

Multiple Uses

The system can be used for identification, time and attendance, access control, and other applications including payment solutions.

Can Be Used for Tracking Visitors

Access control system can be converted into visitor management system easily. It can be used to keep unwanted persons from entering your premises by identifying and logging each visitor and comparing their identification card against a crime database. It can also be used for printing a temporary ID badge for the visitor and ensuring that their activity and visit is restricted only to the areas they are permitted to enter.

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